Hallux Valgus - How to avoid pain and surgery

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Consequences of non-treatment

People who suffer from Hallux Valgus or similar malpositioning of the toe will see their toe malform as shown in the illustration. Such a malposition worsens over time and causes stronger and stronger pain. But it can be corrected using Halluxwonder. The pain is alleviated and prevented.

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This is how Halluxwonder works

Soft silicone gel between the toes corrects the malposition of the foot. A silicon lip on the ball of the foot protects the foot from exterior load and pressure points as they can occur when wearing shoes. This way the foot can relax and correct the malposition.

Socks on the Halluxwonder give further support. This way it can be worn overnight as well as during the day in shoes.

Now there is a new product to prevent these problems

The founder of Halluxwonder , Beate Fischer guarantees its efficacy. She herself had the malposition and suffered severe pains. After all attempts to rectify the problem failed, Beate Fischer helped herself. According to her own account she, having studied medicine herself, searched for a solution over months until she successfully placed the product on the market through the cooperation with a manufacturer.

In the United Kingdom more than 8 million people suffer from pain in the ball of their feet. A large part of these patients suffers from Hallux Valgus. This is a malposition of the foot which leads to pain when walking, especially when wearing hard shoes. The health issues arising from such a malposition are underestimated by many.
If untreated it can lead to irreparable changes of the joints. One long term effect can be chronic pain. Now there is a new product to prevent these problems.

The malposition of the feet, as it occurs in the Hallux-Valgus disease, advances over various steps. In the beginning the Hallux Valgus is still mobile. Thus it can still be straightened out by wearing Hallux orthosis temporarily. An advanced Hallux stays terminally stiff in the malposition. In that Phase it cannot be corrected anymore.

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Using the Halluxwonder can be the solution from simple pain of the ball of the foot to foot malpositions as the Hallux Valgus. Early application is supposed to counteract malformations occurring through incorrect positioning. In the long term this is supposed to reduce pains and avoid the necessity of surgical intervention.


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Halluxwonder is here to help


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Original Halluxwonder

An early application can stop the worsening of the Hallux Valgus malposition and prevent the necessity of a surgical intervention.

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“I have tested Halluxwonder and think it is great. After four days of wearing it I am not even aware of my Hallux-balls anymore. I can walk normally again. Thank you” - Public customer review

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